GMC Logistics  


What We Believe...
  • What GMC brings to our staff, is not only a secure job with full welfare package, but also a place where the staff always can learn and grow with the company.
  • What GMC brings to our customers, is not only the best level rate and services, but also long time trust and free consulting service.

  • On international transportation, what customers care the most are: "Freight Cost Rate", "Services", "Professional Handling", "Trustworthy Honesty" and "Company Reputation" of the carrier they use. Providing all these most important features at the market best level has always been GMC's goal, success and business style. In Taiwan to U.S. market, GMC is the only leading freight forwarder who owns success on both Ocean and Air at the same time for more than decade.
    Provide a good and sound working environment for all staff, deal with respect and dignities for all parties.
    Always care for Righteous, Trustworthy, Responsible, Teamwork and Professional Trainings on all staff.
    Provide high quality and reliable services to all clients, encourage staff to bring grateful "GMC Service Experience".

    What brings continuous success to GMC is the management style in GMC. Lead by act, lead by setting good examples from the boss and all managers to all staff has been a basic style of GMC management for 20 years. And more important, the Management Team always try hard to provide and upgrade what the staff needs to learn and grow with the company, so that the staff may become company shareholder.
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